Friday, July 15, 2011

BMW 525i/535i E34 1989 Electrical Troubleshooting manual

Manufacturer: BMW
Model: 525i/535i E34
**Production 2/89 and Later (All Vehicles Equipped with KL61 Relay)

Quick Reference Index:

  • Systematic Troubleshooting
  • Power Distribution Chart
  • Fuse Details
  • Ground Distribution
  • Diagnostic Link
  • Injection Electronics (DME 1.3)
  • Charging System
  • Start
  • E-Box Fan
  • Electronic Transmission Control (AEGS)
  • Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
  • Power Assist Steering (Servotronic)
  • Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Power Mirrors
  • ZKE Door Lock Heating (TSH)
  • ZKE Central Locking (ZV)
  • ZKE Power Windows (FH)
  • Power Seats/ Sunroof/ Central Body Electronics/ Horn
  • Windshield Wiper Control and Pressure Control, Washer Jet heaters
  • Instrument Cluster/ Check Control
  • Light Switch Details
  • Lamp Monitor (LKM)
  • Headlights/ Fog Lights/ Turn/ Hazard Lights
  • Park/ Tail/ Underhood Lights/ License/ Trunk Lights/ Back Up Lights/ Brake Lights
  • Interior Lights/ Glove Box Light/ Cigar Lighter/ Charging Plug
  • Integrated Climate Regulation
  • Auxiliary Fan/ Radio/ CD Player (Provisions)
  • Cellular Telephone (Provisions)
  • Cruise Control (Tempomat)
  • On-Board Computer (BCIV)
  • Component Location Chart
  • Component Location Views
  • Splice Location Views
  • Connector Views
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