Monday, October 31, 2011

American Vintage Trucks Steering Repair Manual

This Repair Manual contains most american vintage trucks from 1965 to 1982

Contains the following information and repairs for:

  • Chrysler Corp, International Harvester, Jeep,  General Motors and Ford Motor Company
    • Constant Control
    • Gemmer or Ross Integral
    • Steering Wheel and Column Switches
    • Power Steering Pumps
    • Power Steering Pumps - Saginaw Vane Type
    • Steering Wheel Column
    • Steering Linkage
    • Power Cylinders
    • Power Steering General Servicing
    • Saginaw Recirculating Ball
    • Saginaw Rotary Valve
    • Troubleshooting
    • Steering Troubleshooting
  • Ford Power Steering Gears
    • Bendix Integral Power Steering
    • Thompson Integral Power Steering
    • Torsion Bars
File Size: 88 MB
File Type: PDF, RAR