Friday, October 14, 2011

Nissan QD32Ti Repair Manual

Manufacturer: Nissan
Model: QD32Ti

SPECIAL CREDITS TO:  "Andries Bester"


  • The main data and brief specification of diesel engine
  • The main performance and outline dimension of diesel engine
  • Indication symbol and meaning
  • Outer part disassembly and assemble 
  • Inner part disassembly and assemble 
  • Diesel engine maintenance, checking and adjusting
  • Basic parts disassemble and reassemble
  • Rocker-arm shaft conjunction
  • Cylinder head and valves
  • Piston connection conjunction assembly
  • Basic Parts checking and maintenance
  • Accessory parts disassembly and checking and repairing and adjusting
  • Lubrication System
    • Pressure lubrication system abridge drawing
    • Piston cooling injection nozzle
    • Oil filter
    • Oil Cooler
    • Injection Pump
File Size: 2.76 MB
File Type: PDF, RAR