Monday, December 12, 2011

Honda Confirms NSX Concept

Good news to our NSX fans! The rumors are over the place and Honda confirms that they're building a new concept NSX car and it'll be unveiled on Detroit Auto Show on January 9, 2012.
The Next Honda NSX Concept Car?

On .... 
Yoshikazu Kigoshi told Top Gear that the company "needs a halo car", a decision that has come straight down from Honda president Takanobu Ito. "A new S2000 is a difficult car for us to do," Kigoshi-san told us, "because of its front-engined rear-drive platform. But we are definitely looking at the EV-ster and a new NSX."
Not much detail on this car, but surely it will have a Mid-engine and it will get the company's new SH-AWD torque vectoring system, that uses independent electric motors on the rear wheels to optimise cornering behaviour. The production car will not come soon but it will surely after few years...