Monday, January 30, 2012

Saab 1974 Wheel Alignment Repair Guide


Before attempting to check or adjust wheel alignment, make sure tires are properly inflated. Refer to manufacturer's specifications given in owner's manual.

All Models - To adjust caster, add or remove shims under upper control arm bushing brackets. Changing shims from front to rear bracket increases caster angle. Moving shims from rear to front decreases caster angle. Note - Some thickness of shims removed from front must be placed under rear and vice versa. Change in caster also affects camber.

All Models - To adjust camber, add or remove shims under upper control arm bushing brackets. Increasing shims under both brackets reduces camber angle and removing shims under both increases camber. NOTE - Always add or remove some thickness of shims at front and rear or caster angle will be affected.

All Models - With wheels in straight-ahead position, loosen steering link (tie rod) lock nut and turn adjustable sleeve until correct toe-in is obtained. Tighten lock nuts and recheck toe-in.

NOTE -  After adjustment of toe-in, measurement A (see illustration) of tie rod must not exceed 1.6" (with key grip) or 1.2" (without key grip). For tie rods opposite to each other the difference between the measurement A must not exceed .08".